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About This Publication
Infoprint 3000 Library
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Summary of changes
Printer Characteristics
Infoprint 3000 Printer and Form Specifications
Printer Specifications
Form Specifications
Simplex Printers
Printing Methods
Duplex Systems
Duplex System Printing Methods
Configuration for a Simplex Printing System
Inline Configuration for a Duplex Printing System
Left Angle Configuration for a Duplex Printing System
Left Angle Configuration for a Dual Simplex Printing System
'h' Configuration for a Duplex Printing System
Basic Page-Printing Concepts
Combining Text with Images
Orienting Text and Images on a Page
Advanced Function Image and Graphics
Multiple-Up Printing
Using Stored Information
Optional Features
Mark Perforations on Perfless Paper
Move Mark Forms
The Advanced Function Printers Characteristics
Printing Speed
AFCCU Processor Performance Options
Print Material
Print Quality
Print Quality Enhancement
Printer Resolution
480/600 Switchable Printers
IPDS Resolution Acceptance (600 DPI Resolution Only)
Font Enhancement Mode
AFP Resource Resolution
Print Area
Control Unit Processor Memory
Display Touch Screen
Power Control
Simplex Models
Duplex Models
Software Requirements
Application Environment
Host System Attachment Choices
System/370 Channel Attachment
Enterprise Systems Connection (ESCON) Channel Attachment
Local Area Network (LAN) Attachments
FDDI Attachment
Preprocessing and Postprocessing Device Interfaces (Optional)
Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability
Data Security
Resident Fonts
Organizing the Planning Team
Planning Coordinator
Physical Planner
System and Application Programmers
Implementation Plan
Fifteen Weeks before Delivery
Ten Weeks before Delivery
Eight Weeks before Delivery
Six Weeks before Delivery
Four Weeks before Delivery
Arrival of the Printer
Preparing the Processing Environment
Channel and Local Area Network Attachments
System/370 Channel Attachment
ESCON Channel Attachment
ESCON Multiple-Host Environment
Token Ring TCP/IP Local Area Network
Ethernet TCP/IP Local Area Network
FDDI Local Area Network
Performance Considerations
Advanced Function Presentation Licensed Programs
IBM Advanced Function Presentation Software
Optical Character Recognition and Bar Code Applications
Installing and Verifying
Preparing the Physical Environment
Environmental Requirements
Environmental Impact
Physical Requirements
Normal Precautions to Prevent Fire
Power Cable and Receptacle
Vacuum Cleaner
CE Toolkit
CE Documentation
Space Requirements - Simplex Model
Space Requirements - Duplex Models
Physical Layout
Shipping Notes
Physical Dimensions
Physical Attachment Requirements
Installation Requirements
Installation Planning Work Sheet
Physical Planning Work Sheet
Configuration Information Descriptions
Changing the Language of Messages
Configuring the Printer
Printer Configuration Information
Configuring the Host Attachments
Configuring Parallel Channels
Configuring ESCON Channels
Configuring Token Ring TCP/IP
Configuring Ethernet TCP/IP
Configuring FDDI TCP/IP
Configuring Remote Access
Configuring Preprocessing and Postprocessing Devices or Interfaces
Preprocessing/Postprocessing Options for the Simplex Models
Preprocessing/Postprocessing Options For Duplex Models
Configuring a Simplex Printing System
Configuration Work Sheet for the Simplex Model
Configuring a Duplex Printing System
Configuration Work Sheet for Duplex Models
Defining Forms
Simplex Printers
Duplex Systems
Form Characteristics
Using the Forms Identification Work Sheet
Form Identification Work Sheet
Obtaining Supplies
IBM Supplies Worksheet
Ordering Supplies
Maintenance Supply Items
Customer-Replaceable Supply Items
Warranty Returns
Storing Supplies
Selecting and Testing Forms
Continuous Forms
Stacking Forms
Special-Purpose Materials
Preprinted Forms
Adhesive Labels
Storing Print Materials
Testing Forms and Applications
Communication Statements